Litter Pickids rule!

01 October 2014

A group of children in Oxfordshire have decided enough is enough when it comes to litter.

Litter Pickids has been set up by six year old Gabriel Sebastian and his dad, Shinoj. They live near to a grocery store in the village of Berinsfield, Oxfordshire.

Gabriel and Shinoj noticed that even though there are two litter bins in front of the grocery store, people were still littering, so they have decided to help clean up the area.

Shinoj took Gabriel on litter picks, along with some of his friends and cousins. The group has grown to 18 kids, all helping to litter pick and tidy up. The children, whose ages range from 5 to 16 decided that it was only appropriate to have a name for their eco-friendly group, and Litter Pickids was born was in April of this year.

So far, over 20 bags of rubbish have been collected on their organised litter picks, with the local council supporting the group by collecting the waste. Biffa, the contractor for the council, has also provided the group with the necessary equipment to help them on their tidy ups, such as gloves and litterpickers.

The group has now set up a Facebook page, so that anyone who would like to get involved can easily find out when the next clean-up is. The groups Team Leader is 16 year old John Thomas, who helps the children to decide what areas to clean.

Shinoj says, “The children have really enjoyed getting involved in keeping the areas that they play and live tidy. It’s really fulfilling to see how much pride the children take in helping to keep Berinsfield clean. We always welcome any other kids who would like to join us on our tidy-ups, and any adults who would like to help out.”

Litter Pickids have recently been selected to receive £400 by SOHA Housing, as part of their Wishing Well fund. The funds will be put towards the groups projects and equipment.