Happy World Environment Day!

Remember, the environment is not only around you, but it’s also inside of you and what’s inside of you, affects the life around you. Let’s be kind to each other and our environment! Not just today. Every day.

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World Environment Day Will Be Celebrated With a Waste Cleanup in Bucaramanga and in Yopal, Colombia

Edited by Heidi Koolmeister (Project leader of the Let’s Do It! World Newsletter team) 

On June 5th, which is also World Environment Day, the activists in Colombia intend to clean up the city of Bucaramanga and Yopal. The cleanup focuses on Bucaramanga’s sanitary emergency, caused principally by a landfill called “El Carrasco” which receives 1000 tons of waste daily. 83% could be recycled and the leaders of Let’s Do It! in Bucaramanga wish to use this landfill to draw attention to the waste problem.

Along with this landfill, the waste pollution spreads through at least 100 local illegal waste points that are located on streets, creeks and green areas of the city.

The Let’s Do It! Columbia team believes that starting the clean up with “El Carrasco” is good for raising awareness about the issue of landfills and this will help them with the future aim, which is to develop a better waste management system together with the help of citizens and the local government. The cleanup would take place through the metropolitan area in the morning while the afternoon is reserved for a celebration together with the volunteers and various artists, including Latin Latas – a band that makes music with instruments made entirely of waste.

From http://www.letsdoitworld.org/